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The conference environment and program will provide opportunities for dynamic presentations and discussions, moderated by international professionals.

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Urban Green Infrastructure - Connecting People and Nature for Sustainable Cities

Day 1 – 20 Sept. 2017

Day 2 – 21 Sept. 2017


Registration & Coffee

Gathering, coffee 

09:00 Opening

Plenary in main Auditorium

Introduction to excursions
Green structure planning in Malmö

Technical visits
Kalkbrottet (The Limestone Quarry), Folkets park, Augustenborg Greenhouse and Augustenborg district, The contemporary Western Harbour projects.


Andreas Schönström, Deputy Mayor, Malmö
NN, representative from Copenhagen

09:45 Stephan Pauleit, GREEN SURGE project leader
10:15 Maria Yeroyanni, European Commission
10:45 Councillor Cathy Oke, Melbourne City, Chair of the Environmental Portfolio

Cecil Konijnendijk van den Bosch to moderate a discussion by researchers, policy makers, cities representatives

12:00 Lunch Lunch


Session #1

Biocultural Diversity
Linking biodiversity with cultural diversity: new insights from GREEN SURGE 

Session #2

Ecosystems Services by Green Infrastructure What ecosystem services can we expect to be delivered by Green Infrastructure?

Session #3

Urban Green Infrastructure Governance
Governance for diversity, diversity of governance

Session #4

Urban Green Infrastructure Planning Upscaling and mainstreaming UGI planning

‘Cultural intermezzo’

Cities and universities learning together effectively: What does it take?
Panel with city representatives of 5 main GREEN SURGE case cities + Urban Learning Lab coordinators + Focal Learning Alliance facilitators

Moderators Thomas Randrup, Gil Penalosa

14:00 Coffee Coffee



Session #5

Biocultural diversity in cities across the world

Session #6

Urban gardens:
key elements of green infrastructure and icons of civil culture in the city

Session #7

Co-planning and managing UGI:
Bringing government and non-government actors onto the same page

Session #8

Understanding the merits of Green Infrastructure: integrated approaches to valuation

Session #10

Governance for diversity – flexible partnerships and novel solutions

Session #11

Green, yes, but just? Towards more environmental and social justice in cities

Session #12

Linking Green Infrastructure and Nature-based solutions

Innovation arena

Innovative, hands-on ideas for green infrastructure solutions


Speaker's Corner - a discussion forum, encouraging critical relections and participation from a diversity of the conference participants.

Possible themes:
Management - the need for long term perspectiver.
Citizen engagement - why engage, and how to engage.
From vulnerable user groups to assets in planning and management.

Moderator Gil Penalosa

Discussion Forum, plenary

Outlook: the next generation sustainable cities through nature-based solution

Keynote: Maria Yeroanni Senior Officer, European Commission, DG Research & Innovation (Outlook: What’s next? Sustainable cities through Nature-based Solutions


Town hall dinner hosted by Malmö City