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Article AUTHOR(s)

Towards Sustainable and Diverse Governance - Assessment of Biocultural Diversity (BCD) in European Cities  2015 Brief for GSDR 2015 Vierikko, K., Buizer, M., Elands, B., Buijs, A., Konijnendijk Van-den Bosch, C. and Niemelä, J.
Benefits of restoring ecosystem services in urban areas  2015 Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability T Elmqvist, H Setälä, SN Handel, S van der Ploeg, J Aronson, JN Blignaut, E Gómez-Baggethun, DJ Nowak, J Kronenberg, R de Groot
Wasting collaboration potential: a study in urban green space governance in a post-transition country  2015 Environmental Science and Policy Jakub Kronenberg, Agata Pietrzyk-Kaszyńska, Anita Zbieg, Błażej Żak
Advancing urban ecosystem governance in Ljubljana 2015 Environmental Science and Policy Mojca Nastran, Helena Regina

Policy interpretations and manifestation of biocultural diversity in urbanized Europe: conservation of lived biodiversity

2015 Biodiversity and Conservation Elands, B., Wiersum, F., Buijs, A. and Vierikko, K.
Hedonic pricing and different urban green space types and sizes: Insights into the discussion on valuing ecosystem services 2015 Landscape and Urban Planning Piotr Czembrowski, Jakub Kronenberg
Toward livable and healthy urban streets: Roadside vegetation provides ecosystem services where people live and move 2015 Environmental Science and Policy Ina Säumel, Frauke Weber, Ingo Kowarik
Bottom-up thinking—Identifying socio-cultural values of ecosystem services in local blue–green infrastructure planning in Helsinki, Finland  2015 Land Use Policy Vierikko, K. and Niemelä, J.
Insurance Value of Green Infrastructure in and Around Cities 2016 Ecosystems Tom Green, Jakub Kronenberg, Erik Andersson, Thomas Elmqvist, Erik Gomez-Baggethun

Connectivity as a tool in the prioritization and protection of sub-urban forest patches in landscape conservation planning

2016 Landscape and Urban Planning Janez Pirnat, David Hladnik
Revealing Cultural Ecosystem Services through Instagram Images: The Potential of Social Media Volunteered Geographic Information for Urban Green Infrastructure Planning and Governance 2016 Urban Planning Paulina Guerrero. Maja Steen Møller, Anton Stahl Olafsson,and Bernhard Snizek
Urban Gardening: From Cost Avoidance to Profit Making — Example from Ljubljana, Slovenia 2016 Urban Agriculture Matjaž Glavan, Majda Černič Istenič, Rozalija Cvejić and Marina Pintar
Urban Agriculture as a Tool for Facilitated Urban Greening of Sites in Transition: A Case Study 2016 Urbani izziv / Urban challenge Rozalija Cvejić, Špela Železnikar, Mojca Nastran, Vita Rehberger, Marina Pintar
Climatological analysis of the mitigating effect of vegetation on the urban heat island of Milan, Italy.  2016 Science of the Total Environment Mariani L., Parisi S.G., Cola G., Lafortezza R., Colangelo G., Sanesi G.
Mapping ecosystem service capacity, flow and demand for landscape and urban planning: A case study in the Barcelona metropolitan region 2016 Land Use Policy Baró, F., Palomo, I., Zulian, G., Vizcaino, P., Haase, D., & Gómez-Baggethun, E.
Unexploited opportunities in understanding liveable and biodiverse cities. A review on urban biodiversity perception and valuation 2016 Global Environmental Change A. Botzat, L.K. Fischer, I. Kowarik
Integrating non-monetary and monetary valuation methods – SoftGIS and hedonic pricing 2016 Ecological Economics Czembrowski, P., Kronenberg, J., Czepkiewicz, M.
Bioculturally valuable but not necessarily worth the price: Integrating different dimensions of value of urban green spaces 2016 Urban Forestry & Urban Greening Czembrowski, P., Łaszkiewicz, E., Kronenberg, J.
Linking aboveground biomass and biodiversity to stand development in urban forest areas: a case study in northern Italy 2017 Landscape and Urban Planning Pesola L, Cheng X., Sanesi G., Colangelo G., Elia M.,Lafortezza R., 
The economic valuation of urban green spaces as a voice in the debate over their role in sustainable cities 2016 Economic and Environmental Studies Czembrowski, P.
Spatial configurations of urban forest in different landscape and socio-political contexts: identifying patterns for green infrastructure planning 2016 Urban Ecosystems Nielsen, A. B., Hedblom, M., Olafsson, A. S., & Wiström, B

Adding Natural Areas to Social Indicators of Intra-Urban Health Inequalities among Children: A Case Study from Berlin, Germany

2016 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Kabisch, N., Haase, D., Annerstedt van den Bosch, M.
Urban green space availability in European cities 2016 Ecological Indicators Kabisch, N., Strohbach, M., Haase, D., Kronenberg, J.

The DPSIR framework in support of green infrastructure planning: a case study in Southern Italy

2017 Land Use Policy Marinella Spanò, Francesco Gentile, Clive Davies, Raffaele Lafortezza
Linking demand and supply factors in identifying cultural ecosystem services of urban green infrastructures: A review of European studies 2016 Urban Forestry & Urban Greening Tessa Hegetschweiler Sjerp de Vries Arne Arnberger Simon Bell Michael Brennan Nathan Siter Anton Stahl Olafsson Annette Voigt Marcel Hunziker

Strategic green infrastructure planning and urban forestry 

(in press)

2017 Routledge Handbook on Urban Forestry

Raffaele Lafortezza, Stephan Pauleit, Rieke Hansen, Giovanni Sanesi and Clive Davies


01/03/2017 Nordic Journal of Architectural Research


Active citizenship for urban green infrastructure: fostering the diversity and dynamics of citizen contributions through mosaic governance. 

(in press)

2017 Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability

Arjen E Buijs, Thomas J Mattijssen, Alexander P Van der Jagt, Bianca Ambrose-Oji, Erik Andersson, Birgit H Elands, Maja Steen Møller

Exploring city-wide patterns of cultural ecosystem service perceptions and use


Ecological Indicators

Emily Rall, Claudia Bieling, Sharon Zytynska, Dagmar Haase

Considering the ways biocultural diversity helps enforce the urban green infrastructure in times of urban transformation (in press)


Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability

Vierikko, K., Elands, B., Niemelä, J., Buijs, A., Haase, D., Kabisch, N., Kowarik, I., Fischer, L.K., Luz, A.C., Olafsson, A.S., Andersson, E., Száraz, L., Konijnendijk van den Bosch, C.