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International Conference 2017

Urban Green Infrastructure - Connecting People and Nature for Sustainable Cities

20-21 September, Malmö, Sweden

GREEN SURGE invites all interested to the project’s final conference, generously hosted by the City of Malmö

The conference themes related to emerging issues and future challenges of nature-based solutions and sustainable urban development.

The conference facilitated interactions and critical discussions by a mix of researchers, decision-makers, planners, and practitioners by dynamic presentations and discussions, moderated by international professionals.

The conference offered presentations of research as well as of projects from practice on many aspects of the broad area of nature-based solutions and sustainable urban development.

More than 35 nationalities were present during the conference.

Connecting People and Nature for Sustainable Cities

International Conference: 20-21 Sept. 2017

Exploring the social, environmental and economic virtues of urban green infrastructure

The City of Malmö and the GREEN SURGE consortium are pleased to have gathered researchers, policy-makers and practitioners at the conference that took place in September. The conference adressed

  • How growing populations and urban densification can be reconciled with green infrastructure to improve health, equality, climate adaptation and biodiversity.

  • How city colleagues and other practitioners are realizing nature-based solutions to address some of the most pressing challenges of today.

Videorecordings from the conference are available here 
Recordings include key note talks and plenary sessions with researchers and practitioners such as Stephan Pauleit (UCPH & TUB), Cathy Oke (Melbourne), Helena Bjarnegaard (Gothenburg), Gil Penalosa (880Cities), Cecil Konijnendijk (UBC), Maria Yeroyani (EC), Andreas Shönstrøm (Deputy Major, Malmö, Sweden) and many others...