Innovation Area – University of Copenhagen

Innovation Area

Thursday 21, 14:00-15:00
Carolina Aud.
10 minutes presentations

The Malmö Initiative

Green Infrastructure initiatives through the participatory platform, Malmö Initiativet, by Malmö Stad, SE


Maptionnaire video link

Green infrastructure mapping examples from the participatory mapping platform, informing global practice and research By Mapita, Helsinki, FI



Festa Isufi

Maarit Kahila


The Urban Learning Lab Mapping Applications: video link

Web-based tools for sharing and analysing complex spatial data in support of urban green infrastructure related projects. By Ecometrica, Edinburgh, UK



Jill Bournazel

Mark Cleverly

GREEN SURGE City – The Game
video link

This board game is a science communication tool that makes the research of GREEN SURGE more accessible to practitioners and policy-makers. It is developed within GREEN SURGE, WP4.



Christi Byrd

Erik Andersson

Stockholm Resilience Center

Local Place Ecology
video link

Through innovative use of local material this presentation illustrates the place-phenomena and how-to experience local place ecology, using the senses. By Landscape Architect and researcher Leila Tolderlund, Colorado Denver, US



Leila Tolderlund

Associate Chair

Asst. Professor CTT,

University of Colorado

Denver, USA.


Urban Learning Lab Berlin: The Edible School (2017) video link

This short film show how the GREEN SURGE approach was implemented in a local project in Berlin, Germany. One of the main insights is that the linkage between healthy food, school gardens and urban biodiversity offers promising opportunities to connect children with nature.

 Video by Yugen Yah.


Ingo Kowarik

Leonie K. Fischer