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Technical Visits

Technical visits are kindly hosted by the Street and Parks Department, Malmö


The contemporary Western Harbor projects (Västre Hamnen)

Since the sustainable building exhibition in 2001, the district has expanded and new layers of innovative planning and construction have been added. One challenge has been to build a compact yet green district. Different tools have been used to incorporate biodiversity and ecosystem services in the built environment. The Ohoj and Koggen housing projects and the Varvsparken greenspace are examples of how to deal with such issues.


The Limestone Quarry (Kalkbrottet)

Since it was abandoned, the former limestone quarry covering about 800,000 m² has turned out to be the main hotspot for biodiversity in Malmö. As home to several rare and endangered species, it’s a must for ecologists. Others can enjoy the stunning scenery and the fascinating remains from the industrial era.

The concrete park has a biotope design inspired by the lime brownfields in the area.


The People's Park (Folkets Park)

Folkets park was founded by the local labour movement as a place for political meetings, but also as a theme park for the working class. Now run by the Street and Parks Department, the park is a cultural heritage site and a venue for recreation, leisure, culture and meetings between different groups of society. The park is managed with a focus on social inclusion.


Augustenborg Greenhouse and Augustenborg District

Since the building exhibition in 2001, the Augustenborg district has been a showcase for the sustainable refurnishment of existing areas as a parallel to the Western Harbour showcase for new development. Augustenborg has proved to be resilient to cloudbursts thanks to the open stormwater facilities.

The Green Roof Institute was part of the refurnishment of the entire district. Originally, it was constructed to take care of stormwater runoff, but since 2001 has been developed into an exhibition of green roofs, as well as a visitor centre for Eco-city Augustenborg. See


Photos by
Lars Bendroth (Limestone Quarry and The Western Harbor)
Torbjörn Larsson (People's Park)
Tim Delshammer (Augustenborg)