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Making cities more cohesive and attractive: How to use urban green to transform neighbourhoods

GREEN SURGE Stakeholder Dialogue Forum

Green infrastructure provides cities with many opportunities to make neighbourhoods more attractive (again). Yet how can local governments strategically and successfully use urban green to transform their cities and make them more cohesive in the face of shrinking budgets and lack of housing?

At the third GREEN SURGE Stakeholder Dialogue Forum, the European Green Capital 2017 Essen (Germany) will showcase how it managed to reinvent itself through urban green. Next year’s European Green Capital 2018, Nijmegen (The Netherlands) as well as Malmö (Sweden) and Oradea (Romania) will also contribute their long-standing insights into realising green and liveable neighbourhoods for all of their citizens. Fresh off-the-shelf research findings on this topic will be shared by the GREEN SURGE partner at the Technical University of Berlin.

This free event will bring together urban green infrastructure decision-makers, planners and researchers to investigate local government strategies and initiatives to steer urban development towards a greener path.

This Stakeholder Dialogue Forum is the third and final in a series of these events organised by GREEN SURGE. It is co-hosted by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability and the Regional Association of the Ruhr Region. At the first and second Stakeholder Dialogue Fora in Brussels in October 2015 and in Bilbao in April 2016, urban green infrastructure practitioners from Edinburgh, Utrecht, Milan and Berlin as well as London, Vantaa, Strasbourg and the Parkstad-Limburg Region shared their strategies and solutions employed to for and with citizens and the private sector change their cities for the greener.

The third Stakeholder Dialogue Forum will be held at the Regional Association of the Ruhr Region in Essen, Germany, from 8:30-16:00 on 10 May 2017. It is free of charge and coffee and a lunch will be served. The event provides the unique opportunity to visit one of the many successful examples of urban regeneration in Essen in the afternoon before finishing up in the European Green Capital information centre.

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