European Learning Alliance on urban green infrastructure

GREEN SURGE invites you to join its European Learning Alliance (LA), an online community of planners, practitioners and other experts working on urban green infrastructure.

How does the European LA work?
You can join the European LA by signing up for its mailing list and/or registering for its LinkedIn™ group. 

Mailing List
Signing up for the European LA mailing list allows you:

  • To benefit from latest information on the topic and on events of interest to you
  • To receive the latest GREEN SURGE tools and publications fresh on your desk and become invited to GREEN SURGE workshops and webinars

LinkedInTM Group
If you wish to interact directly with urban green infrastructure practitioners GREEN SURGEalso warmly invites you to join its LinkedIn™ group for the European LA. You may do so by registering for the European Green Infrastructure Practitioners’ Network and Learning Alliance via your LinkedIn™ account.

This group is to help serve your information and communication needs as an urban green infrastructure professional and you will be able:

  • To pose your questions on green infrastructure to green infrastructure planners and other experts and learn from their knowledge and experience
  • To share your own knowledge, expertise and opinion on green infrastructure planning and implementation

Whom is it for?
The European LA particularly wants to foster the dialogue between urban green infrastructure planners and implementers from local governments across Europe. The European LA further welcomes other practitioners and researchers working on or interested in urban green infrastructure.