Functional Linkages (Ecosystem Services)

What benefits does green infrastructure in cities offer? A functional perspective
Classification of UGI based on their Functionality, Services, Synergies, Trade-Offs and Spatial Conflicts (Deliverable 3.3) 
Linkages Between Ecosystem Services, Urban Green Infrastructure And Well-Being (Milestone 27)
Functional Linkages between Urban Green Infrastructure, Biodiversity and Human Well-Being (Deliverable 3.2)
Inventory of quantitative and qualitative functional linkages between UGI components, BCD and impact (Milestone 25)
A typology of urban green spaces, eco-system provisioning services and demands  (Deliverable 3.1)
Internal project report on inventory of urban green space demand for the two scale levels, ulls and european urban atlas cities (Milestone nr MS 24)
Human–environment interactions in urban green spaces—A systematic review of contemporary issues and prospects for future research (Article)
Urban Gi Components Inventory (Milestone 23)