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IN THIS ISSUE we focus on our Urban Learning Labs (ULLs). Increasingly, it is being recognised that knowledge and expertise is best exchanged rather than transferred simply in one direction (e.g. from research to practice). Collaborative learning and knowledge production involving both researchers and practitioners is at the core of the GREEN SURGE project. Five Urban Learning Labs (ULLs) have been created to facilitate this process of knowledge exchange.

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Bari, ULL

The Bari ULL mainly looks into governance of green space in relation to urban transformations, as well as the collaborative planning of urban green infrastructures and assessment of ecosystem services. Another focus is on how to reduce the loss of urban green space, acquiring more public resources and gaining private support [O1] for designing plans and raising awareness on the co-benefits of UGI. Finally, the ULL focuses on establishing innovative strategies for developing and managing residual land.

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Berlin, ULL

Key themes of interest in the Berlin ULL are the potential of under-used spaces to connect habitats across the city as well as the way urban green infrastructure can be managed to promote its biodiversity. The Berlin ULL also works on the perception, value and use of biodiversity by different social and cultural groups. It supports the project “Edible school” of the Caspar-David-Friedrich secondary school in Marzahn-Hellersdorf that aims to provide 400 pupils with fresh, organic food soon-to-be grown on the school grounds. 

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Edinburgh, ULL

The Edinburgh ULL works on engaging more people with urban green space, particularly in deprived areas, where the benefits of UGI on health and well-being can be felt even more. Supporting biodiversity by making conservation more strategic is a second area of interest to the ULL stakeholders, with a particular demand for knowledge on how wildlife is influenced by green infrastructure –  or the lack thereof – in different areas of the city. Finally, the Edinburgh ULL also has a shared interest in finding new ways of quantifying and valuing ecosystem services. 

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Ljubljana, ULL

Engaging more young people with urban green space planning is the practical goal of the ULL Ljubljana that will contribute to developing a new urban green area called Livada in Ljubljana. To achieve this, the ULL networks and closely collaborates with a diverse group of over 20 young people and several local businesses and non-governmental and governmental research organisations. The strategic goal of the ULL is to upscale the experience from the urban green space development project to other parts of the Slovenian capital.

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Image copyright: Stadt Essen mit alter Synagoge und Rathaus (photo on Flickr) by Rainer Klute, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Malmö, ULL

The Malmö ULL has a special focus on how to promote and strengthen ecosystem services in practice. GREEN SURGE assists this intent through helping the development of the city’s new Green and Blue Infrastructure Plan. The ULL is also working together with the project ‘Ecosystem Services in Municipal Spatial Planning’ that looks into how the green infrastructure concept could be incorporated in detailed urban planning.

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3rd GREEN SURGE Dialogue Forum on urban regeneration through green infrastructure in the European Green Capital 2017 | 10 May 2017

GREEN SURGE partners are organising the 3rd Stakeholder Dialogue Forum on urban green infrastructure on 10 May 2017 in Essen, Germany. European cities and GREEN SURGE researchers will showcase how local governments can use urban green infrastructure to regenerate their cities.  Participants will get to know inspiring city examples and approaches how cities managed to revive and transform their neighbourhoods through urban green. The Forum provides the opportunity to explore this highly relevant topic on the ground as the city of Essen and the Ruhr region have decade-long experience in implementing green infrastructure for a sustainable and attractive city region.


GREEN SURGE invites local government practitioners, researchers and all interested to the project’s final conference, generously hosted by the City of Malmö, Sweden.

The conference “Connecting People and Nature for Sustainable Cities” covers many aspects of urban green infrastructure from emerging issues and future challenges of nature-based solutions and sustainable urban development. The conference will foster interaction and lively discussions between researchers, decision-makers, planners, and practitioners.

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Join our on-line community for urban green infrastructure specialists!

GREEN SURGE invites urban green infrastructure planners, practitioners and other experts to join its European Learning Alliance to discuss aspects of urban green infrastructure. 

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