Urban Learning Labs


Increasingly it is recognised that knowledge and expertise is best exchanged rather than transferred simply in one direction (e.g. from research to practice). Collaborative learning and knowledge production involving both researchers and practitioners is at the core of the GREEN SURGE project. Five Urban Learning Labs (ULLs) have been created to facilitate this process of knowledge exchange. 

The five ULL cities / city regions have been selected to represent the challenges and opportunities for green infrastructure and provision of ecosystem services in areas that: a) are located in different geographic areas of Europe with related differences in governance and culture; b) are stagnating or expanding; c) have balanced respectively unbalanced provision of green spaces; and d) represent both transformation/development of vacant and derelict land and integration of green in compact city districts. 

On the individual ULL sub-pages you will find information on 1) particular green space pressures faced by ULL-cities, 2) region of interest to the ULL and people involved, and 3) key areas of interest by those involved in the ULLs. We also provide up-to-date summaries of workshops at the local level aimed at supporting the integration between research and practice.