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ULL update (October 2016)

In the past 6 months, the ULL/FLA of Bari has been engaged in dissemination activities throughout the metropolitan area of Bari. These activities specifically involved presenting the GREEN SURGE project and goals to various stakeholder audiences at the local and municipal scales at seminars held throughout the territory. The main goals were to spread the increase awareness of green infrastructure, to engage new stakeholders and to build links between stakeholders from various disciplines. Stakeholders were highly interested and motivated to learn more and looked forward to in-house events related to the topic of the FLA (i.e., development of urban green spaces on derelict land). The stakeholders’ names were recorded for the purpose of inviting them to the second ULL Stakeholder Workshop scheduled for the end of the year.

Planning of this second ULL workshop is currently underway. The aims are (1) to explore different scenarios for developing residual urban areas (varying in spatial distribution of vegetation considering the provision of the main ecosystem services) for the purpose of (2) obtaining stakeholders’ perceptions and preferences of developed residual urban areas in Bari and their ecosystem services. To this end, the University of Bari is designing visual material (scenarios) that will depict simulated green space on residual areas and act as the basis for discussions on alternative uses of derelict land. The first scenario will represent an average of 90% permeable coverage, meaning a high level of naturalness (e.g., urban forest or green field); the second will feature a high level of urbanization and services – with almost more than 50% impermeable land cover (e.g., urban garden, playground, etc.); and the third and last scenario will be a combination of the first two, with an average level of land cover (70% permeable and 30% impermeable (e.g., mixed-use areas).

The planned workshop hinges off the first; deepening the discussion of GI and their ecosystem services. The outcomes of both workshops and the dissemination activities will be shared with the municipality to spur participatory planning and the development of green spaces in Bari.

Figure 1. Rendering (under development) of a potential biodiversity layer for a residual urban area to be presented at the second ULL Stakeholder Workshop (G. Lubisco; UNIBA).

Figure 2. Organizational chart of Bari’s Focal LA reflecting the status of the past six months (G. Lubisco; UNIBA).