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Malmö, Sweden

Malmö is located in the southwestern part of Sweden, and it is the third largest city in the country with over 300,000 inhabitants, of whom 43% are immigrants. It is an important economic and cultural centre of the region, and currently undergoing restructuring and densification. Malmö is also transforming from an industrial to a service-oriented city, and a front-runner in sustainable urban development. 

Figure 1: Photo by Tim Delshammar, 2012

The Malmö ULL has been mostly working with city officials from various departments at the Municipality of Malmö. However, it has also started to reach out to other stakeholders of urban green infrastructure recently. The involved external actors - such as developers, maintenance staff, ecologists, citizens and non-governmental organisations – are early adopters of the concept of ecosystem services (which are the benefits humans derive from ecosystem processes). 

In Sweden, working with ecosystem services in urban planning and management is currently in the spotlight, there is even a governmental directive which aims to strengthen this goal. Therefore the ULL has a special focus on how to promote and strengthen ecosystem services in practice. GREEN SURGE assists this intent through helping the development of the city’s new Green and Blue Infrastructure Plan. The ULL is also working together with a project (Ecosystem Services in Municipal Spatial Planning) that looks into how the green infrastructure concept could be incorporated in detailed planning.

In this ULL, there is also a need to find new and better ways to increase stakeholder involvement in, and co-creation of, urban green infrastructure planning and management. Last but not least there is also an ambition to explore how the economic values of urban green spaces and ecosystem services could be measured and promoted.

Figure 2: Photo by Tim Delshammar, 2011

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