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WP2. Assessment of biocultural diversity

WP2 has the overall aim to develop and apply an innovative transdisciplinary approach of linking biological with cultural diversity by developing a conceptual biocultural framework, and by using the framework to examine how groups of residents with different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds value and interact with urban green spaces and their associated biological diversity at multiple scales (from species to ecosystems) in European cities.

More specifically the WP aims to:

1) Develop a conceptual framework for addressing how residents value and interact with biodiversity in urban regions, i.e. how people and biodiversity relate (biocultural diversity)

2) Use the conceptual framework to assess components of urban green infrastructures and how residents with different cultural backgrounds and socio-economic situations value and use urban green infrastructure across European cities

3) Develop a typology of biocultural diversity of green infrastructure components as grounding knowledge for other parts of the project (WP4-7).

WP2 comprises the following Tasks:

2.1 - developing a conceptual framework of biocultural diversity associated with urban green infrastructure components
2.2 - assessment of biocultural diversity in European urban areas and urban green space components
2.3 - developing a typology and database of biocultural diversity with urban green infrastructure.