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WP3. Functional linkages (led by UBER)

WP3 will analyse the linkages between green spaces and biocultural diversity on the one hand, and the ecosystem services provided by them on the other. The WP will develop a classification of green spaces based on their functionality and service delivery, including synergies and trade-offs. This classification will be used in the urban learning labs.

More specifically WP3 aims to:

1) Develop a conceptual and quantitative framework addressing urban green spaces and their ecosystem services provisioning and the demand on ecosystem services provided by urban green spaces at two scales: urban learning labs and Europe (joint activities with WP2)

2) Explore functional linkages between urban green space, biodiversity, biocultural diversity, human health and social cohesion including synergies, trade-offs and spatial conflicts (joint activities with WP2, 4 and 5)

3) Develop databases for the urban learning labs (WP7) on their urban green spaces and their functional linkages as input for the urban learning lab portal and for European (Urban Atlas) Cities.

Tasks under this WP are:

3.1) Identification, description and quantification of the full range of urban green spaces

3.2) Identification and quantification of the demand on ecosystem services provided by urban green spaces

3.3) Analysis of the functional linkages

3.4) Options for linking ecosystem services provisioning of urban green infrastructure with economics

3.5) Development of a classification and quantification of urban green infrastructure based on their functional linkages and impacts (synthesis of Tasks 3.1-3.4)

3.6) Development of databases for urban learning labs and European cities