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WP7. Urban Learning Labs

WP7 will focus on two-loop learning (bringing together a science-based and a stakeholder-based approach) in Learning Alliances in the five urban learning labs. The WP will activate the knowledge, evidence and good practices collated and created through the work of the other WPs. The urban learning labs provide a platform for an iterative implementation and testing process for urban green infrastructure and promotion of biocultural diversity, using the learning alliance approach. This will result in forums where joint working and transdisciplinary research can produce new knowledge on urban green infrastructure across Europe focusing on:

1) The functional linkages between green space components and biocultural diversity and the provision of ecosystem services

2) Testing of methods, approaches and tools for urban green infrastructure planning, delivery and governance and promotion of the green economy; valuing ecosystem services; integrating market-based mechanisms of ecosystem service valuation, marketing and governance

3) An analysis of the synergies and trade-offs between societal demands for ecosystem services provided by urban green spaces and economic development/human well-being at city (region) level.

Tasks under WP7 are:

7.1) Identify stakeholder composition and structure for the establishment of local Learning Alliances of the ULLs

7.2) Iterative place-based knowledge gathering

7.3) Development of the Urban Learning Lab Interface

7.4) Foresight study